Friday, 13 March 2015

Change is in the Air

Today I wake up with a burning feeling of change.  A feeling of anticipation and excitement, like my heart is ready to burst out of my chest.  Its like the feeling of being in love and it is so strong that I can't keep it in.

Recently I have been dwelling on my two biggest downfalls, time and patience.  I realize that in the past I have moved to fast, to strong, making decisions acting efficiently to get things accomplished.  What I forget sometimes is that others don't move as I do and that change and choices are processed differently by different people.  Especially when others are involved.

Get  with  it  Christina,  you should already know this,  change management was a big part of your last career.

I know that change is inevitable, it can come fast or slow. I know it can also come with two faces, positive or negative?  Always it comes with a choice.  A choice to embrace it or dig your heals in.

I began this post wanting to talk about the correlation of time and patience.  How one feeds off the other.  Wondering if time and patience were the life lessons I was to learn from my current situation and  how can I change myself into a better person.  I see now that timing and patience are only tools to manage change and, that I definitely have not been choosing to embrace change.

Why the change in perspective?

I think its based on something said to me recently by my dearest and oldest friend and then again by my sister-in-law;

They both said, " Christina you are moving fast in the right direction towards a new beginning of your life.  It's a new beginning, not an ending.  You don't know who or what will be there, you don't know what will happen, but based on your recent choices it will be good."
They also added, "Nothing in life is ever final, there is always time for change,"  and each with their own stories stated, "it's never to late."

They are both right.  This should be a time for new beginnings...its SPRING out there, it's so clear.

So here I am embracing change, a good change and this time after laying the ground work I will practice my two biggest downfalls, Time and Patience.  I have already said what I want.  I have already put myself out there, so now I wait for change to take its course.  I will wait for it.  It will now come to me instead of me to it.

  It will happen.  Time and patience Christina.  Change will happen.  And it will be better.

In the meantime its important  to finish what I started.

That means since last we spoke, an update on projects:

1) The fire tutu has a new black bodice.  It's ready for fitting and decorations.  I'll soon be moving on to tutu #3!

2) Since the Hudson Village Players have been practicing so much for their upcoming production No Sex Please, We're British, it is only fair that their costumes be ready for the St. Patty's day parade in Hudson.  Many have come fit and chosen pieces.  Its the home stretch for this week and they are looking good!
3)  Fittings for the 5 Hudson Dance girls.  DONE!  The practice dance looked awesome.  Now on the alterations and the dresses are all theirs!

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