Friday, 13 March 2015

Change is in the Air

Today I wake up with a burning feeling of change.  A feeling of anticipation and excitement, like my heart is ready to burst out of my chest.  Its like the feeling of being in love and it is so strong that I can't keep it in.

Recently I have been dwelling on my two biggest downfalls, time and patience.  I realize that in the past I have moved to fast, to strong, making decisions acting efficiently to get things accomplished.  What I forget sometimes is that others don't move as I do and that change and choices are processed differently by different people.  Especially when others are involved.

Get  with  it  Christina,  you should already know this,  change management was a big part of your last career.

I know that change is inevitable, it can come fast or slow. I know it can also come with two faces, positive or negative?  Always it comes with a choice.  A choice to embrace it or dig your heals in.

I began this post wanting to talk about the correlation of time and patience.  How one feeds off the other.  Wondering if time and patience were the life lessons I was to learn from my current situation and  how can I change myself into a better person.  I see now that timing and patience are only tools to manage change and, that I definitely have not been choosing to embrace change.

Why the change in perspective?

I think its based on something said to me recently by my dearest and oldest friend and then again by my sister-in-law;

They both said, " Christina you are moving fast in the right direction towards a new beginning of your life.  It's a new beginning, not an ending.  You don't know who or what will be there, you don't know what will happen, but based on your recent choices it will be good."
They also added, "Nothing in life is ever final, there is always time for change,"  and each with their own stories stated, "it's never to late."

They are both right.  This should be a time for new beginnings...its SPRING out there, it's so clear.

So here I am embracing change, a good change and this time after laying the ground work I will practice my two biggest downfalls, Time and Patience.  I have already said what I want.  I have already put myself out there, so now I wait for change to take its course.  I will wait for it.  It will now come to me instead of me to it.

  It will happen.  Time and patience Christina.  Change will happen.  And it will be better.

In the meantime its important  to finish what I started.

That means since last we spoke, an update on projects:

1) The fire tutu has a new black bodice.  It's ready for fitting and decorations.  I'll soon be moving on to tutu #3!

2) Since the Hudson Village Players have been practicing so much for their upcoming production No Sex Please, We're British, it is only fair that their costumes be ready for the St. Patty's day parade in Hudson.  Many have come fit and chosen pieces.  Its the home stretch for this week and they are looking good!
3)  Fittings for the 5 Hudson Dance girls.  DONE!  The practice dance looked awesome.  Now on the alterations and the dresses are all theirs!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Weeks 4 & 5

Back to Basics

This week to simplify things, I thought it would be best to Sum up my week in the form of a mathematical equation.  So here it goes.

Influx of theories and opinions x overwhelming information x emotional experiences + new contracts of projects '/. tough decisions x organizing of plans + continuing current projects + addressing the needs of others  
extreme exhaustion x frustration x more emotions x procrastination x sense of disappointment

Re-reading this all I can say is, I'm confused!

And.....Judging from my outcome I have definitely used the wrong formula.

Now how do I turn it around?  

Let me just state this first:
Wouldn't it be great if in life we could solve most problems in the form of a mathematical equation?  Think about it.  Using proven theories and simple laws of logic.  In most scenarios  there would be a definitive answer.  Take the idea of the order of operations for example.  Most of us remember that.  It's where you work, In order, all the multiplication and division first and then, in order, you apply the adding and subtracting.  Using it helps put into perspective all the numbers now swirling around the page.So now it's time to re-run the numbers, this time using a different order of operations.  This time changing the priorities to each of the numerals and getting back on track!

Here we go.....
Influx of theories and opinions + overwhelming information + emotional experiences x new contracts of projects '/. tough decisions x organization of plans x continuing current projects + addressing the needs of others 
Some exhaustion + some frustration + inevitable emotions x progression x increased value, but most of all.....reclaimed success and strength.

Progress to date?

1) The second of my four element tutus is, let's just say..on fire!
As I have finished the skirt after a few modifications, it's on to the bodice.  Originally trying an ombré effect from black to white,  I produced instead something that looked dirty, so I have died it to a full grey, but something still isn't right.  Now it's time to take a step back and stick with the basics.  
            So back to basic black it is.

2)  Together with the Virtuous Valerie, we have started a chunk of contracted work for a very beautiful group of contemporary dancers from the Hudson Dance Centre along with the talented Ms Kerwin.

3)  As for the Hudson Village Players, we have been busy fitting, designing and sewing their "No Sex Please, We're British" wear and let me just say, those ladies will be quite the draw, so don't miss out between April 2nd and the 12th

On to the other stuff........ Things are awesome possum.  

Networking, networking, networking. It's funner than fun to find and reconnect with all those people you enjoyed in years past.  The job search is looking up.

Finally, under the category of  "things we never got to do and always wanted to."  My girls and I add to our list almost every day and someone is certainly shining down on us because there's a great big rainbow starting to show its spectrum.

Up next?

A visit home will be busy, but nice.  Often the success of a goal depends on your vision of it's outcome, so this visit will help us all see ourselves in our upcoming environment, align us with our network and delegate plans into action.

Last but not least....................
                      ..............Of course, to keep on Bloggin!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Week Three...

Sometimes you just need to add a little lace.

This past week is the beginning of competition season for dancers.   That means Caroline is busy, busy picking out pieces and assigning alterations to fit the dancers and their choreography.
I have been assigned an all to familiar dress which brings me to reminisce back to last year when myself, Valerie and Kristine (fellow seamstresses extraordinaire) originally were approached for a number called The 5 Tutus.

Often we look at older, worn in tutus and see how we can alter then to fit our current needs.  You see  to make a well constructed tutu many hours and meters of tulle are put into it, so it at least deserves another look at before it is finished its usefulness.

The tutus in question certainly had been well worn and were somewhat out of date.  It was easy to tell that no one was in love these dresses, but we decided to give them a chance anyways. As we carefully removed the pieces that were torn or did not fit the vision of our director we uncovered (thanks to our guardian sewing angle Marie)  that the skirts were in decent condition and the bodices were made from beautiful fabric that was very well constructed.   We had a very good base to work with.

The three of us worked together removing all the parts carefully that no longer worked for the number in question.  At the same time we researched other peoples dresses, some tutus, some just spanish dresses, to pick and choose the element we wanted to emulate in our dresses.  Together we came up with four different designs representing a new tutu which was shared with the choreographers. 
And voila, a final design was selected to work towards.

The skirts were in relatively good shape and only two out five needed Kristine's touch in adding additional layers of tulle.  Quickly they became refreshed and full of life.

The bodices would require more time.  

After fitting the bodices to each of the five girls, a black lace was selected.  Many pieces of lace flowers and leaves were selected, cut and sewn to the basque and bust areas.                                                                                                                                                                         As layer after layer of lace was applied by hand the look and feel of the bodice was transformed into something beautiful.  When enough lace had been sewn on, I knew it was time to add some small trim then sew the bodice and skirt parts together.

The results?

I was proud of the work we all did.  The time and effort was most worth it.  The girls left to their competitions with pride and confidence, each time returning with awards and praise of their costumes.
3 of "the 5 Tutus" competition number, Ballet Ouest.
Choreography by Claude Caron.

This year the dress will be used again, but for another number.  Again the dress will be modified to fit the choreography and vision of the dance.  This time, however, only a few pieces (flowers) are to be added in order to continue its use.  As time goes by I am sure that parts of the dresses will be added and subtracted each time making the dress work for the moment,  and that is just fine.  

Just as it was with our dresses, in a relationship, people and needs grow or change.  Often we forget to remember the base of our relationship and focus more on what is not working.  It may seam at times easier to put something aside, and maybe you should for a while, but after the emotions settle why not try to remove what's not working and investing in little bit of black lace?     The results could be very rewarding.  

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Week Two

I am Rubber, you are glue.....

Like many times before,  I was faced this past week asking myself "what drives a person to utter words that devalue another person?"  Further more, how should one react to hearing things like  you are not good enough for me or that you make them feel a certain way like guilty, ashamed or angry?

Well,  what do you do?  

One thing is for sure I now know the wrong way to handle that situation is to throw a temper tantrum in the middle of the street.  Unless of course you wish to make four new friends out of the local police force.  Not my proudest moment by far.

What should I do?

First; a little understanding always helps.

My very wise and dearest friend reminded me of this: 
 People only judge you on the deficiencies they see in themselves, otherwise such criticism would not come to mind.

Second;  a little forgives is in order.

My grandmother had a saying; 
"I will always forgive, but I never forget." 
And with that I resolve to forgive those words that hurt more than sticks and stones and instead look at myself and ask the next time  I judge someone else "am I good enough?" I resolve to ask forgiveness for my feelings of guilt, anger or inadequacy and to never forget that I am responsible for what comes from me.  I decide to love or not love.  It is my choice to bring happiness or sorrow to any relationship I may encounter.

So after all is said and done, I ask myself, what do I do from here?

Well,  the only thing I can I guess.................
make like rubber and bounce.

On to the Progress!

I am proud to say the girls here are hitting the list and checking things off according to plan.
Last week many things got accomplished and or started.  The key (and the hardest thing to do for me) is now to be patient. 
They say that all good things come to those that wait? 
So I shall wait.
What I won't wait for though is to show you this.....

Water Tutu
photographed by Robert Steiner

As promised the water tutu, the first in my 4 elements series.

Fire tutu.  Skirt is well on its way.

Coming soon......

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Week One

5 Months and Counting

What to do, what to do....

Like any successful journey it is always helpful to have a plan or at least a map.

First, how about starting with this....

Wipe your tears, look into the mirror and repeat the following:
I am Honest, Trustworthy and Loyal.  I am Determined yet Fair and Respectful. I am Creative.  I am Supportive and Caring.  Most of all I am Forgiving and hold a Heart full of Love.

Now ready for Step 1

  1. Rally as much love and support the universe will extend to you.  I am amazed at the infinite amount of beautiful soles there are ascending upon us.  Ever noticed how women in particular hold an innate sense to gravitate and support those in crisis?  I am both grateful  and thankful every day for the people who come into our lives providing us with strength and love.
  2. Gather up and sit down with two of the most amazing young ladies I know, my daughters.  I want them to know that they are loved, valued and can be in control of their lives.  This is where an I becomes a we.  Unity provides strength and security which is important in change.  By the way our group holds an open membership policy.
  3. Make a list,  that's right,  a list of all the things we wanted to accomplish and experience.  Discuss where we want to be, what we want to do and when we want to be there.
  4. Plan, Plan, Plan.
  5. Jump in.  Don't worry, your body will tell you if the water is to hot or to cold.  Listen carefully sometimes instinct is very perceptive.
  6. Oh and one last thing........ since your looking in the mirror still, it's time to spend time making yourself feel better,  Caroline recommends Physicians Formula Talc free BB coverage, eye enhancing Nude trio liner and Maybeline Falsies mascara.

Now ready for Step 2

What's the Plan Mamm?

Right Away

  • Set up and follow a daily plan. Wake and prepare for school, school or work, exercise, activities, meals, together time and now I'm ready for bed.
  • Apply to schools for next year with February cut offs.
  • Look for job opportunities.
  • Network, Network, Network.  
  • We are getting set up on Linkedin, Facebook, Blogger and Instagram. If you are out there, chances are we are looking to connect or re-connect with you.
  • Work on a personal project.  Something creative no doubt.

Keep Working On It

  • Continue talking it out.  Therapy, school phycologist, professionals, between ourselves, beautiful soles this is where you get to play. 
  • Look for a Job.  
  • Train for a 5 K possibly 10K spring/ summer time run.  Never loved to run so much as I do now.
  • Look at High School choices.
  • Of course work on our personal projects.

It Can Wait  Just A Bit

  • Find a new place to live
  • Find a School
  • Purge and Pack

Now for the GOOD part... the personal project!

The creating of costumes of course!
To quote the all-time most romantic line in a movie...                                                                       " I love, love, love.....making tutus!"

Ok, so I modified it a bit, but you get the point.

A while ago I had an idea to make a collection of tutus interpreting the 4 elements, Water, Fire, Earth and Air.


So far I have finished Water, which I will share with you shortly.  

This leaves me to start the next.  
I think it will be Fire!


Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Creating of a Costume Girl

What do you do when the writers of a daytime drama start scripting out your life and your at the part where Victor turns to Nikki and tells her he is no longer in love and wants a divorce?

Naturally you fight....RIGHT?  Apparently not!  After the crying, begging & pleading, arguing, yelling and silence you are still left with the same scene but now your tired, skinner and feeling beaten down.

                The only thing you can do..............Look for the Opportunities.  

Look for the good and then keep your eye on the prize.  
Consider the following:

  • What are all the things you were to afraid to ask for or do?
  • What dreams did you have to put aside for others?
  • What small thing can you do to make yourself feel better?
  • Who can you be thankful to for help and support?
  • What do you bring to the table that makes you valuable and unique?
  • How can you still love, forgive and grow bringing out from somewhere deep inside that strong, beautiful person you are?

And there you have it.  The building blocks for at least the next five to six months.   Follow me and my journey in Creating A Costume Girl.